Thursday, June 4, 2015

N162HG 1.7 Bob

Flight from KPAO to the practice area near KLVK then back to KPAO.

2 off-airport emergencies. Remember: look for places to land while flying; the best place to land in an emergency may be that perfect field behind you that you just passed, rather than the desolate wilderness in front of you that you are stressing out about.

Slow flight: flaps late on entry, recovery good.

Rectangular pattern: first entry flubbed due to being way too close in. Went well when I flew far away from the field and entered cleanly. During the checkride, do not insist on finishing a badly started maneuver -- ask to go back and do it again! Second entry was good.

Turns around a point: 1st turn was a bit whacky but then did fine. Overall not a problem maneuver for me.

S-turns: was confused about where to turn steep versus shallow. I need to draw this out so I can remember it. Also my legs are not equal on either side of the road. I'm still doing this maneuver at least partly "by rote" rather than with reference to the ground.

In general, for cross countries, when passing an airport, tune the ATIS and get some data about winds and altimeter.

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