Sunday, August 7, 2016

N712MF 1.9 Harry

This was an attempt to get "checked out" on the Evektor SportStars. As I previously mentioned, I was diagnosed with cancer and, while cured by surgery, am doing chemotherapy. I'm rather out of practice with flying in general.

We did a total of 7 landings, with Harry insisting I do a soft field landing his way (using power to cushion the descent during the flare) rather than the way I was taught (just coming in with enough energy, landing gently, and keeping the nosewheel off the ground then settling it down gently).

In general, this test/lesson did not go very happily, mostly because it became clear I was nowhere near ready for it as a test, and it took a while to convince Harry to switch into lesson mode. Oh well.

I learned something, though: More practice needed!