Saturday, June 27, 2015

N162HG 1.3 Sightseeing with Melissa

My wife Melissa and I went out for a quick jaunt: KPAO right Dumbarton departure, over the Sunol hills South of KLVK, out to the Clifton Court Forebay near Byron Airport, and back again.

The hills had their normal share of up- and downdrafts, which was fine. The air over the Bay was quite bumpy though, which made for a bit of a less stable approach and less greasy landing than I would have liked to see, but it was okay.

The moment I started talking on the radio, Melissa started giggling at the radio jargon, and was having a hard time not giggling all the way through the takeoff! She later told me that everyone talks with this weird monotone on the radio, which is true and I don't know why we do that -- is it just the culture, or is it something fundamental to trying to get your information out quickly so as not to take up airtime on frequency?

In any case, she said she loved it, and lamented the fact that I'm a Sport Pilot and so can take only one of my family members at a time when it is now clear that they both love flying!

Today is my birthday, and I could not ask for a better birthday present!


  1. Again, happy birthday :)
    And needless to say, I'm happy to take the 3 of you flying together some day if you want.

  2. Cool! I am glad that she has now gone up with you as well! :-)

  3. Cool! I am glad that she has now gone up with you as well! :-)