Thursday, June 18, 2015

N162HG 2.0 Bob

This was a final training flight to address checkride deficiencies.

We took off from KPAO and went to KLVK, where we flew a bunch of short approaches and takeoffs and landings. In summary, I was able to "make" all my landings and short approaches; there were no undershoots or overshoots, and no approaches were so bad as to require a go-around. One short approach looked like it might undershoot, but I just held my glide speed and made it, which sort of put me at ease about the whole scene -- between extending my glide time and slipping like hell, I figured I could, with pretty high confidence, make successful short approaches.

My first 2 landings on KLVK 25L were with a tiny bit of high flare, and Bob tells me this is because 25L is surprisingly wide (or, rather, that KPAO 31 is surprisingly narrow). I adjusted, however, and did fine.

We came back to KPAO for more landings and I again, I did fine.

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