Friday, June 5, 2015

N162HG 1.3 Bob

Took off from KPAO and did a couple of landings, then did a right Dumbarton departure to KRHV. Flew along Hwy 680 and identified the VPNUM and VPEMB waypoints, as well as the technique to stay out of the KSJC class C airspace. Did short field takeoffs and landings at KRHV, then returned to KPAO via the KSJC and KNUQ airspaces.

This was a chance to remind myself of how the KRHV surface procedure works. Taxi off the runway, then tower says contact ground. Ground says taxi to runway; there is no holding T-bar: just go all the way to the hold short line and hold. Then switch to tower again and say where you are. You then eventually get your takeoff clearance.

My intention was to practice my landings at KPAO, remember "how" I did them, then repeat this at KRHV in an attempt to combat my ground shyness. By the end of a few circuits around, I had more or less gotten the hang of it -- not perfect by any means, but much better than before.

Protip: Remember to hold back the yoke while braking!

It's always fun to overfly KSJC at 1500' with Southwest 737s landing underneath us!

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