Tuesday, September 16, 2014

N162HG 1.3 Bob

Routine training flight introducing me to short and soft field takeoffs and landings.

Tailstrike on my first soft field takeoff! :) Otherwise just regular pattern practice, at the controls all the time, no problems with safety.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

N162HG 1.6 Bob

KPAO to training area near Half Moon Bay to pattern work at Half Moon Bay to San Carlos touch and go and back to KPAO.

Involved steep turns, stalls, 3 practice pattern power loss events (I over-floated one and landed on the next 2, if only by aggressive slipping to burn off my float) and one practice takeoff power loss event (pretty dramatic feeling, actually ... really inspires one to lower that nose).

Bob said I feel really comfortable with the plane. I did / do, actually, which is very gratifying. Today was not windy -- we went out in the morning -- but still.

We turned in my solo paperwork (completed Advantage Aviation pre-solo written and single engine checkout forms). The club owner / manager, Ken, is going to choose a pre-solo phase check instructor for me.