Thursday, May 28, 2015

N162HG 1.6 Bob

Flew from KPAO to VPSUN, then diverted to KRHV, did some closed pattern work there, then returned to KPAO with VFR flight following through the KSJC and KNUQ airspace.

Consistently coming in high -- because I am "ground shy" when in an unfamiliar pattern. I "survived" a simulated in-pattern power loss, but just barely -- by slipping so massively I was worried I'd fall out of the window. The problem is that the pattern at KPAO is a huge wide flat area over empty marshes, which look farther away; the moment I'm over houses or with rising terrain (both of which exist at KRHV), I feel like I'm going to dump myself into someone's front yard any moment. :)

My job for my next practice is to fly around the KPAO pattern and establish a "procedure" that works for flying my patterns. Then the next time I'm with Bob, fly that same "procedure" at some other airport and "trust" (but verify...) that it gives me the correct results there as well.

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