Tuesday, May 5, 2015

N162HG 1.6 Bob

More work to get ready for my checkride.

Departed towards VPSUN. This time, I used the G300 GPS exclusively and did not mess with paper charts. Did slow flight with and without flaps, two emergency landings off-airport, and steep turns. Then I asked to go to KLVK for practice; entered 3 mile final from over the Del Valle dam and did a normal landing. Took off left crosswind and returned to KPAO for a no-flap landing.

* I had to be reminded to do clearing turns.

* Steep turns were within limits but altitude was wobbly.

* FAIL: During slow flight, I lost a lot of altitude once while slowing down, and once while recovering. During the slow-down, it was because I was "afraid" to be slow and added power too early. During the recovery, it was just inattention.

* Off-airport emergencies: These went okay, though I had to be reminded to do some of the checklist items (the items to restart the engine).

* KLVK: Went okay.

* No-flaps landing at KPAO: Over-estimated how much the plane would glide, and pointed the nose down and flew at 90 kias, so I was far too low (300') on most of my base leg and on to final. Incorrect crosswind correction at the end led to a skewed landing, and there was a bit of a bump due to a slightly high flare.

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