Tuesday, May 12, 2015

N162HG 1.6 Bob

Took off with a Right Dumbarton departure. There were very strong winds, so Bob asked me to ask for an early crosswind 'cuz we were fighting the winds just to get to the danged bridge. We overflew VPSUN then went around the practice area near KLVK and did some slow flights. Turning while in slow flight brought us to the edge of stall due to pretty bad turbulence, so we decided to knock it off. We then returned to VPSUN and proceeded to VPKGO towards KSQL for closed traffic. Over the Bay, I encountered carb ice for the first time in my life; carb heat fixed it immediately. We did 3 landings under very difficult conditions (very gusty and strong crosswind) at KSQLl; one of the landings was no-flaps. We returned to KPAO and did one final normal landing.

* Slow flight: lost a bit of altitude in the entry to my first attempt; the next two were better. Considered a "pass".

* Landings: tough to do and my patterns were too wide at KSQL and too tight at KPAO, but considered a "pass".

Bob said I did well and all my work today had no "fail" points.

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