Sunday, August 17, 2014

N162HG Emily 1.3

Another flight in the pattern.

Watch altitude under/overshoots. Given that I'm now learning better what a good approach looks like, I'm now getting into oscillations around the desired path.

Remember to aviate first -- do not fixate on traffic. As soon as I see them and register their position, if they are no factor, then look straight ahead and don't keep following them with my eyes.

Remember that I can always say UNABLE if I can't follow an instruction. I got asked to turn base at some point, which I was able to do, but just to remember -- I can say no.

I have a tendency to pull the nose up as I go over the numbers and balloon. This is not good. I think the problem is that (a) I'm a bit ground-shy, as I see the ground coming up; (b) the instructor says "flare" and I am afraid they'll take the controls if I don't so I do so early; and (c) I am simply not paying attention to the pitch attitude.

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