Friday, August 22, 2014

N162HG Bob 1.3

Bob is back! Yet another flight around the pattern.

There was an 18 knot wind down the runway all through the flight. Luckily not much of a crosswind, but enough to make things bumpy near the ground and markedly warp my patterns.

I did not compensate adequately for crosswind on final -- I needed to turn to a crab, then remember that the final turn was going to be very small. I think it's been many, many moons since I did the rectangular pattern exercise.

When first reducing power from pattern altitude, I have a tendency to sort of "hunt" for the right speed. But the speed takes time to build up / bleed off. The correct technique is to remember and set the proper pitch attitude right away and let the speed catch up to it.

When in the flare, when I cut power, do not raise the nose! This just means I slow down massively. I need to maintain pitch or else I'll end up slowing down. (Makes sense, no...?)

Watch bank angle in the pattern. There was one time where I let my bank get more than 30 degrees while slow and turning to final. Do not do this.

Remember right rudder with throttle. Again, just as with the descent pitch attitude, anticipate that right rudder will be needed and the right foot goes forward when the right hand (throttle) goes forward!

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