Thursday, August 14, 2014

N162HG 1.3 Emily

Returning to flight. My usual CFI is away, so I booked 3 lessons with another one.

We did 1.3 in the KPAO pattern, touch and goes with two full stops.

Emily basically repeated what Bob has been saying all along: I am spending too much time worrying about the various distractions around me, and not concentrating on flying the airplane. I'm also getting too worried about what I "should" be able to do and not simply relaxing.

I should have rules to follow so as to get a consistent pattern. Otherwise, I'm doing each one differently.

Approach at 60 -- it's easier in the Flycatcher; lower than that and it gets wallowy.

Ascend -- runway seems less trapezoidal. Descend -- more trapezoidal.

Level off consistently, then worry about getting the right altitude.

Flare: Start looking at the far end of the runway rather than the numbers.

I have trouble seeing my "aiming point" ... I can sort of tell when I'm high or low. I had one approach that CFI called "dangerously low" once, but others were relatively okay.

As for glidepath, I tended to overshoot then oscillate around it.

We decided that next lesson would be a "good habits pattern" -- trying to just get the general feel for things, staying on the runway centerline, and buzzing the runway, not landing, so as not to have to worry about the final panic of the flare.

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