Saturday, July 12, 2014

N162HG 1.4 Bob

Flew from KPAO to KSQL, did a landing and a T&G or two there, then returned to KPAO for some more pattern work then a landing.

The KSQL crosswind was from the left, which was slightly disorienting -- I'm used to KPAO Rwy 31 xwinds from the right, making me a bit like a NASCAR car that only turns one way. :)

KSQL was crazy busy, so we ended up staying outside the Class D doing 360s, then crossed midfield to the pattern. I had trouble keeping altitude and bank angle during all this madness. At some point, I tried to climb by just using throttle, leading to a well-placed admonition that we only do that in the final approach. :)

I was taught to add 1/2 of the gust factor to my final approach airspeed.

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