Wednesday, July 9, 2014

N162HG 1.1 Bob

Takeoffs and landings, windy and gusty day but things went pretty well. I had an approach that Bob called "beautiful". Still having trouble flaring too late or too early, but that's a relatively addressable issue compared to all the wallowing I was doing earlier. It really seems to help, by the way, to fly often!

Bob is starting to talk about solo as though it were actually A Thing™.

We tried a couple of no flaps landings. It wasn't too bad, but Bob says I need to work better on speed control.

We tried two go-arounds: one where I was too far off and called it myself (Bob complimented me on the decision and execution) and one where he called it.

I am still having trouble flying proper rectangular patterns.

I also tend to wallow the nose up in turns, which I should correct at some point by doing more of my "visual turns" exercises to remind myself of the right habits.

On my first few landings, Bob says I "worked too hard" -- fighting and over-controlling. It definitely helps to just relax, put my elbow down on the armrest, fly with my fingers and dance the plane around.

On one of the landings, I was really really high and steep. I slipped aggressively and rescued the landing, and this time actually remembered to keep the nose down and watch my speed.

After the flight, we discussed the next steps towards solo:
  • Download and go through presolo written test;
  • Next time, will try flying to KSQL so I have an alternate airport if KPAO is closed;
  • Practice emergencies:
    • Engine failure after takeoff
    • Engine failure on downwind
Engine failure on takeoff: #1 priority is don't stall. The Flycatcher climbs hanging on the prop, so remember to PUSH the nose down. Establish best glide-ish, whatever it takes, and land straight ahead.

Engine failure on downwind: Aim 1/3 of the way down the runway and make a circling turn. It's bettter to land long and even overrun than to land short. Once the runway is made, drop flaps and dive to burn energy, get the plane lined up, and put it down.

General notes: It's better to hit something after landing on the mains (you walk away) rather than in flight (you don't walk away) or landing on some other part of your airplane (not so much). If you have to land in the marshes, know that the airplane will probably flip since the wheels will grab, but so what, it flips, but you walk away.

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