Monday, July 14, 2014

N162HG 1.2 Bob

Pattern work at KPAO concentrating on regular practice as well as emergency procedures (loss of engine on downwind and no-flap landings).

I still do rather extreme corrections. I have also gotten into the habit of pitching up too much (and flying less than Vy, perversely) on upwind. I have a habit of flying a very tight pattern, usually because I'm in a "hurry" to turn downwind because I expect the instructor to tell me to do it! As for the crosswind, I learned today that a 1/2 mile final is plenty for this airplane. That would be about 400' AGL for the final leg. For no-flaps landings, I need to extend my pattern!

The short approaches (engine loss on downwind) went mostly okay; I ended up having a bit too much energy by the time I was over the runway, floating for a while and landing somewhat long. I'll have to keep this in mind -- Bob mentioned the flaps on this plane do not burn as much energy as, say, the barn-door 40° flap deflection on a C150!

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