Saturday, March 22, 2014

N94565 1.4 Bob

Closed pattern at KPAO, 9 landings. Rwy 13 active with light x-wind from the left. Very busy with trainee tower controller trying to keep everyone organized. Lots of radio chatter.

Getting noticeably better. I still do "wishful flying" -- keeping the nose pointed towards the runway as I get closer to it, which means I dive into the runway. Coming in high and fast a couple of times, but no serious under-speeds today. A couple of bounces where I pushed the nose down after flaring too early; I need to just keep the back pressure consistent, allow the plane to start sinking again, then continue the flare. A little better, but not much, at lining up with the runway, transitioning from crab to forward slip, and sliding left and right. CFI says I need to fly to the extended centerline and then stay there, rather than just wallowing left and right. CFI also taught me that, as I flare, the control forces will become less and I will need to control more with the position of the yoke rather than the force, until it's pretty much full back on touchdown.

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