Saturday, March 8, 2014

N94565 1.4 Bob

KPAO closed traffic again. 11 landings.

Had a couple of pretty good approaches and maybe one good landing. Approaches are becoming far better; am now more able to control speed and stabilize with trim. Flares are problematic because I pull too fast, end up floating, let go, dive, pull again, ....

I need to practice moving side to side and lining up while on short final. I talked to Bob about doing some flying close to the runway at Hayward to practice, for next time.

I annotated my "store bought" checklist and made a little one for preflighting that I can easily carry with me around the airplane, so almost no missed items today.

I arrived early and preflighted the airplane by myself, at my leisure, which was much better than feeling like I'm taking up the CFI's time watching me putter around.

I need to work on how to use the rudder in the climb. The general theory is not hard -- right rudder to counteract torque -- but for some reason, when I counteract the torque, I end up turning the plane to the right of the runway extended centerline. I spent a while thinking about it, walking around our house and making airplane shapes (my neighbors must think I'm crazy), and I'm sort of suspecting that I actually take off in a right sideslip due to inadequate rudder use, and then when I "fix" that I just line myself up with my already-incorrect flightpath.

I tried to remember to look out the windows at the pretty scenery from time to time. :)

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