Monday, March 17, 2014

N94565 1.3 Bob

Afternoon flight from KPAO to KHWD to do a bunch of touch and goes and flying down Rwy 28L to learn low-speed control. Flew back to KPAO and landed.

Today I learned about the "Coyote Hills" landmark.

Very windy (we started at 5:30pm or thereabouts) with strong gusts.

We flew down 28L a couple times in addition to the usual touch and goes. On the second go, I could sort of stay on the left side of the runway, then scoot over to the right side, but it was very dicey. I am not really confident with this, but I also can tell that getting more confident will make me better at landing.

I'm still being overwhelmed by the number of things I need to do. Getting better, but still missing things like carb heat sometimes. It's hard to do all the "checklist" items while also paying attention to stick and rudder flight.

CFI says I'm not behind the curve, which is good to know.

On my final landing at KPAO, I got too slow (CFI says I was below 55 knots) by not paying attention, and we had hardly any flare at all. Not good!

In general, a satisfyingly challenging lesson, but I think it would be nice to have more time "in the flare" ... I'm imagining going to (say) some salt flats somewhere with 30 miles of perfectly flat ground in every direction, and just flying around at zero feet and learning how to control the airplane.

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