Saturday, October 6, 2018

N712MF 2.1 Flight to KVWI with Aden

Flew to KWVI with Aden just for fun. 4 landings total.

We flew to the Moss Landing power plant then made a 45 entry into the KWVI rwy 20 pattern. I tried a short approach and overshot because I was too close in, so I went around. The next landing was a regular approach since I was behind a Cessna in the pattern.

We had a Diet Coke at the cafe.

We then took off and I did a couple more landings, both short approaches, and both worked fairly well this time. We then flew over the coast and over Santa Cruz, then up Hwy 17, over to San Jose, where we got sent over the Pruneyards to KRHV. The power-off approach to KRHV was a bit dicey: I ended up short of energy and would have landed on the displaced threshold had I not added a bit of power.

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