Sunday, August 23, 2015

N162HG 1.8 Sightseeing down the coast with Aden

The Wx was reported clear over the coast today (even clear over KHAF, imagine that!), so Aden and I decided to go for a sightseeing tour, sort of a repeat of the one I did with Melissa a while back.

This time, Aden helped me preflight, draining the fuel and following me around as I got ready. We departed Left Dumbarton without event.

As soon as we crossed OSI, it was clear that, while the coast was navigable, there was going to be no landing at KHAF; it was already thickly overcast. We turned Southeast and flew down the coast.

Aden took the controls for a while, keeping us down the coast and doing some 360s. He did pretty well, given that this is the first time he held the controls of a plane. He kept altitude within a couple hundred feet, without looking at the altimeter.

We found Las Trancas (private airport on the coast) then dead-reckoned from there to try to find Bonny Doon (another private airport farther inland). Amazingly, we found it. It actually has an asphalt strip and everything! And apparently it's for sale. Hm. :)

On our way back, the clouds had moved in but were not horrible -- but, to be on the safe side, we went directly from Pigeon Point lighthouse to OSI.

I did some takeoff and landing practice just to make sure I didn't forget:

* My first landing was "normal" where I practiced greasing it in, cutting power gently and only when very near the ground. Worked well.

* Next, short field takeoff which was uneventful, and a short field landing where I sort of had a little bit of high-flare disease, but I was right on the money for my landing spot.

* Finally, a soft field takeoff, then a soft field landing which went pretty nicely.

Overall, I was pretty happy with this flight.

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