Saturday, August 1, 2015

N162HG 1.1 Sightseeing along the coast with Melissa

With our son at a friend's, Melissa and I took the opportunity to run to the airport for a quick flight. We departed Left Dumbarton from Palo Alto, got to the coast around Pescadero, then flew down all the way to Davenport, turned around and flew back, then came back to land at Palo Alto.

There were some clouds over Half Moon Bay that I judged, correctly as it turned out, would not creep over the mountain pass near the Woodside VOR by the time we came back. There was also a thick layer out over the sea, but we were able to sightsee while staying well clear.

I did a short-field landing. Melissa called it "bouncy" but I did not really bounce; she just was noticing the bump down onto the spring gear. I was almost stopped in, like, 200'; I had to quickly accelerate back and motor on to exit Bravo to get out of the way of landing traffic. Overall, I was pretty happy with my landing, except that I would have liked to see a higher/steeper approach.

Melissa took lots of pictures and enjoyed it, which was great!

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