Saturday, May 10, 2014

N162HG 1.5 Bob

Took off from KPAO around noon on a very busy, very windy, but beautifully clear day. Went to KLVK where we did a few touch and goes, then returned for a full stop at KPAO.

The Flycatcher is squirrely and hard to trim. And I'm still not used to the digital instrument. I think, for what it's worth, that the ASI is somewhat under-damped; it wobbles all over the place and is hard to keep straight. I also get confused about where we're at in altitude -- I see the 40, 60, 80, ... numbers swing by and I'm confused about whether I'm going towards or away from my target altitude. ;)

My landings were not very good, I'm afraid. I was having trouble maintaining altitude in the pattern, and kept having trouble with directional control and flares. Overall, I felt very wobbly. Even though the plane itself is a total blast to fly!

The KLVK controllers always seem a bit unsure of things. This time, when we reported in, they told us to stay out of their airspace, so we circled around Lake de Valle for a while. Then they let us in, but kept asking us for our position over and over. It's not like we don't have a transponder, folks!

I loved flying but did not feel good about how my landings went. I think here is what I really need:

* Bob needs to stop correcting my actions / outcomes and instead correct my technique. Rather than saying "keep the nose down," he should be reminding me to keep my eyes on the horizon. Rather than telling me when to turn in the pattern, he should be reminding me to keep my eyes pointed forwards.

* I worry constantly about whether Bob is going to tell me what to do, because that makes me sort of dock myself a point in my mental "how Ihab is doing" chart. I sort of like it when an instructor just lets me do my thing then comments on the final result and how I got there.

* I would really like it if Bob were to say more nice things about when I do a good job. :)

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