Saturday, August 4, 2018

N712MF 2.2 Practice

I haven't flown solo for a while (despite having done LOTS of right seat time with my friend as we flow from KRNO to KOSH for Oshkosh, then KOSH KORD to drop me off for my flight ... that's a whole 'nother story). I planned to take a work buddy up the next day so I went out for some practice.

It was wicked turbulent. I started with some air work -- stalls and steep turns -- over the reservoirs South of KRHV. These went well.

I tried to do a landing at E16 and basically gave up. My first solo landing after a few weeks' hiatus was definitely not going to be that challenging -- not without the airplane being useable afterwards, that is. So I decided discretion is the best part of valor, did a go-around and went back to KRHV.

At KRHV, I was given runway 31 Right for repeated back-taxi and landing practice, and I did (let's say...) 8 landings in total, including the last one which was a short approach and went very well. Apart from one where I landed a bit flat, the remainder were full-stall landings with the mains touching down first and the nose gear coming down softly afterwards.

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