Saturday, February 14, 2015

N162HG 1.3 Bob

Took off from KPAO, practiced emergencies South of Half Moon Bay, diverted to KSQL, then returned to KPAO.

Did several practice engine-out emergencies, including selection of a landing spot. All were deemed okay except for one where I would have undershot the field and landed on a bit of a berm.

Rehearsed the procedure for an engine-out, which should be 100% second nature without ever having to think about it, and is just purely logical:
  1. Slow to Vglide
  2. Select a spot to land
  3. Turn towards landing spot
  4. Debug the engine
    1. Mixture rich?
    2. Fuel on?
    3. Mags left? right? both?
  5. Secure the engine
    1. Mixture cutoff
    2. Fuel cutoff
    3. Mags off
  6. Guard 121.5, Mayday
  7. Now STOP messing with crap, concentrate on flying
  8. Land the plane like you were trained to do and have done a million times
The procedure for electrical failure, which in the Flycatcher kills all the instruments, is also something that must be committed to memory:
  1. Fly the plane

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