Sunday, November 9, 2014

N162HG 0.9 Solo

The 14:00 reservation was canceled so I had the plane as long as I liked.

Good thing, too. I asked by the by whether we have to check in with a club CFI for every solo, not just an XC. I had thought that was the case, but then on my first "alone" solo the CFI there told me no, you only check in for XCs. Well it turns out I have to check in for all solos after all. Apparently an insurance requirement. One dude looked at my stuff and declared me good to go. He looked at my student certificate and snickered, "no medical!" Later he seemed sympathetic. Not sure what was on his mind, but whatever. It took a while to hunt down a CFI. Next time I'll know and be more proactive to snag the nearest one I see and not let them go until they give me a go-ahead.

Went out for 0.9 of closed traffic, with a very light right crosswind.

I had a departing aircraft on upwind, but being newly cautious, I asked to make sure I was not supposed to follow them.

My altitude station keeping was quite a bit better -- mainly as a result of, um, bothering to remember to do it.

Approaches were different every time, due to traffic. I managed to end up stable on short final in all cases, and as before, I am getting to more flares and less slam-dunks. I was able to exit on Bravo on several landings, rather than skittering down like a fool while everyone patiently waited for me to make up my mind to get done. Bravo! :P

My final approach speed is still in the range of 51 - 59 knots, not the 55 -0 +5 that I'd like it to be. I am safe, but I would like to somehow get into the habit of thinking of my approach speed as a "floor" not to go below rather than wavering up and down around it.

A couple times, I was slung out on a long downwind, I maintained cruise speed. Then, when I turned base and final, I had overshot the runway and needed to do a teardrop to come back to runway centerline. I "rescued" the situation fine, but my goal is not to have to do that. With parallel runways, that would be a disaster. So mental note to self => whipping around base to final at cruise with only 20 degrees of bank, you're going to overshoot. More than 20 degrees of bank and you're being a reckless nut. Solution: Slow the frack down first.

Forgot how many landings I did (later, video showed I did 5). Next time maybe make a small pencil mark every time?

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