Sunday, January 26, 2014

N94565 1.3 Bob

Closed pattern work at KPAO. 6 landings, 5 touch and go (instructor assisted with flaps and carb heat for the touch and go). It was very busy so we kept getting extended upwinds and downwinds, and there was a lot of radio chatter.

This was my first time working the radio, and it went pretty well. For next time, remember to read back abbreviated instructions, except where given a clearance (will have the word "cleared") or runway identifiers (will be two digits preceded by the word "runway"). :)

Slow down while taxi-ing; maintain centerline. When landing, slow down to walking pace and then and only then start turning off the runway.

Takeoffs mostly okay; a bit wobbly on the rudder for centerline and when dealing with torque, P factor, etc. Reasonable speed control on climbout.

I need to get better at leveling off accurately (at 800' pattern altitude at KPAO) and setting my power and trim to maintain level flight. I'm doing sort of okay but I end up anywhere from 700-900' very easily.

Towards the end, I started to get the hang of maintaining altitude with power: Stay sharp on the elevator and keep the nose down!

I need to stop under-controlling with power.

I consistently under-estimate the steepness of the approach required for my type of aircraft.

I started one flare too high; others were okay. Need to remember to maintain back elevator pressure after touchdown.

All in all, this is the first time I started to feel comfortable with my "wings" -- feeling like the airplane is my own and that I was really in control.

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